Act 1: Stray Embers

You used to talk about finding your own path and following your heart and all that once upon a time sort of positivity, and I wanted to believe it even if you no longer did.

1. Over the Fence and Far Away
2.1. Hints, Allegations, and Things Left Unsaid
2.2. Dead Weight
2.3. Exit
2.4. Liftoff
3. Planet Oregon
4. Dear The Monster That Gets Me,
5. Pictionary: First Contact Edition
6. Lords of the Edge
7. Gifts and Curses
8. Realms of Possibility
9.1. We Put the Hole in Holistic
9.2. We Put the Hole in Holistic
10. Hollow Glen
11. Full Bohr
12. Class of 2000 and Never